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IFDA is a CE Approved Provider through the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. The programs in this catalog Contain materials that contribute to the advancement, extension, and enhancement of professional skills and knowledge in the practice of funeral directing or embalming. The course content shall be designed to focus on advancement and enhancement of professional skills and knowledge. Every program offered which qualifies for CE credit will clearly identify the number of CE credits granted for full participation.

Note: Registrations through this CE catalog are separate from those programs on your IFDA profile.

After you register for a program, you will receive an email from support@seminarweb.com. For live webinars, you will follow the link to access the webinar and no login is needed. For on-demand programs, the first time you click to access your program, it will prompt you to set up your login credentials. If you have trouble registering, please contact SeminarWeb at 737-201-2059 or email support@seminarweb.com.

Even if your username and password for the IFDA website and the IFDA online CLE page are the same, logging on to one won’t log you on to the other.

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